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All artworks listed here are original works on paper (unframed) and being sold as part of Artist Support Pledge


Prices include shipping within the UK. Sale continuing until 16th December. 

For purchases please get in touch via my contact form. Thank you!

ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE supporting artists and makers.
The idea is a simple one, post images of your artwork on Instagram to sell for NO MORE (can be less) than £200 ($200, €200, A$300, C$300, ¥20000) each (not including shipping.)
Anyone can then buy the work. You pledge to buy another artist’s work for £200 every time you reach £1000 ($1000, A $1500, C $1500, 100,000) in sales. ($200, A$300, C$300, ¥20,000)

So, make a pledge and share your artwork with the hashtag #artistsupportpledge. Keep up with the latest news and opportunities at artistsupportpledge and
Repost and tell your friends, colleagues and collectors. For the Artist Support Pledge user guide please see the HOW TO or FAQ’s page on the website (link in bio).

Artist Support Pledge is a Not for Profit Company (12613409) ©️and ™️ 2020 Matthew Burrows, all rights reserved.

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