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Randon Acts of Art

commissioned by Kneehigh Theatre

White River Place, St Austell 2021


Randon Acts Lead Artist Anna Murphy 

Photos Steve Tanner



Kneehigh’s Random Acts of Art ran between 30th March and 30th May 2021 with 40 wonder encounters popping up around St Austell to celebrate Kneehigh’s 40 years.

View The Bright Side gallery

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The Bright Side is a selection of 9 images created as part of Kneehigh’s Random Acts of Art festival; they were installed throughout the stairwell of the multi-storey carpark at White River Place in St Austell town centre for the duration of the festival and have remained in place at the request of the team at White River Place.  

The prints displayed are taken from original works on paper that combine drawing and painting with digital collage and inkjet printing. 


Using a selection of new and historic photographs, and personal photographs gathered from local people; the images were made in celebration of the landscapes and communities of the St Austell Bay area. 

The images are also available to view here in the gallery where each artwork was made available to download for the duration of the festival.

Huge thanks to everyone that shared their photos and anecdotes with me in the development of these artworks. 


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