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b. Essex 1983


A visual artist based in Cornwall, I completed Foundation studies at Wimbledon School of Art before graduating from Falmouth College of Arts with a BAHons in Fine Art (2005). Since then I've collaborated on commissions and projects with artists and organisations throughout the UK and beyond - working across disciplines, from drawing, painting and installation, through moving image, to site responsive performance, events and theatre. 

As an associate artist of the UK’s leading landscape theatre company Wildworks, I’ve spent over 15 years collaborating and designing in response to a huge variety of places, people and stories. Recently, I am Kevin was a new piece of theatre, taking audiences on a promenade journey along the shores of Carlyon Bay in Cornwall. Other projects with Wildworks include The Passion of Port Talbot with Michael Sheen and National Theatre Wales, and The Enchanted Palace at Kensington Palace.  Also an associate artist at The Eden Project, I’ve worked with brilliant teams and individuals across the organisation and beyond to design for immersive experiences such as Earth Story in 2019. This walk-through exhibit was an exploration of our planet’s astonishing past, its precarious present, and the actions being taken around the world by inspiring individuals and organisations to combat the Climate Emergency. 

The connections we have to place, land and landscape are where my work and interests are often rooted. At the heart of my practice, painting remains constant; I use colour and mark making intuitively whilst experimenting with the process of painting. Working both on paper and canvas, I often draw and paint in response to the environments I encounter - seeing, remembering, imagining, and reimagining. Sometimes I begin with the here and now, and sometimes with a place found in a memory, or a snapshot from another time. I also take inspiration from my own photographic imagery to make drawings and collages that help inform the development of new work. I’ve shown paintings and work on paper throughout Cornwall, in London, Brighton, and Essex; often but not always in less conventional exhibition spaces.  




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