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The Compton Skyline Project 

Compton Road, Brighton 2006


Commissioned by Steve Geliot (Lead Artist)

Collaborating Artists Steve Geliot, Dan Mellor, Mim King, Ros Barber, Brian McClave, Ellie Williams 

Funded by The Urban Cultural fund through Brighton and Hove Arts Commission, Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts and also supported by Fatboyslim and Austen Grey. 

Film Steve Geliot


600 square meters of back projection screen were mounted above 12 terraced houses on Compton Road, on a Brighton Hilltop in the summer of 2006. The project featured the work of six artists - Steve Geliot, Dan Mellor, Miriam King, Ros Barber, Brian McClave and Ellie Williams - working with the residents of Compton Road and surrounding community. Visible from two miles away, the launch drew huge crowds, and the project received wide critical acclaim, as well as forging friendships on Compton Road.

I carried out a two week residency on Compton Road in the spring of 2006. Living with and meeting the local residents, I created a series of large drawings in response to the place, community and stories I discovered. Working with graphic animator Dan Mellor, we co-created a piece of moving image work which was projected as part of the final event. 

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