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Victoria's Christmas

commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces

Kensington Palace 2016-18

Designer & co-creator

Lighting Designer & co-creator

Lucy Gaskell

Illustration & co-creator

Joe Holman Owl'n'Wolf

Construction design & carpentry

Ed Martin

Installation technician Simon Bagnall

Photos Lucy Gaskell


Victoria's Christmas was a commission for a series of atmospheric, festive and narrative led 'lanterns' for Kensington Palace, inspired by Queen Victoria and her diaries of life at Kensington. 


The team worked together to develop and propose an idea to create 

bespoke, large scale, illustrated light boxes, made to fit select spaces within the ground floor of the palace. The end result was a unique immersive walk through experience of finely detailed, illuminated, layered illustrations; 

inspired by the form of Victorian paper theatres. 

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